Back in 2011, I created the Greek Chamber Music Project as a kind of marriage between my classical music background and my heritage. While classical music was mainly at the core of the programming, I always thought about chamber music encompassing a broader range of intimate music. But of course, “chamber music” has its own connotations of being elitist and exclusive, which is not at all at the core of my ethos. 

Today, the work of GCMP combines classical, contemporary, jazz and world music in a way that’s more fluid and inclusive. To best reflect this evolution, I’ve devised a new name that best captures the vision and direction for the work. I’m excited to introduce you to the new name: Kombos Collective

Kombos first started as a play on words: the combo, or small jazz ensemble. Kombos is the Greek word for knot. Like the strands of a rope, each musical voice comes together to create a strong bond. Kombos also evokes imagery around sailing and the sea, which is foundational to the Hellenic world. And Collective captures the many wonderful artists that collaborate on these programs. 

I hope this new name aptly captures the spirit and energy of this music-making organization.

“Like the strands of a rope, each musical┬ávoice comes together to create a strong bond”

Ellie Falaris Ganelin, Director
Kombos Collective